Copyright Infringement


You are listening to the radio and suddenly hear one of your poems being sung by someone. You have not given that person permission to use your poem. That person is illegally using your intellectual property. You have rights under the copyright laws to get satisfaction from that person, but you will need a lawyer to do that. The lawyer to contact is one who handles copyright law infringement and uses the appropriate the same legal practice management  software and that heading should be found somewhere in his advertisement if you go online or in the yellow pages to connect to a lawyer and sue. Such a lawyer can file a complaint in the proper court and address the issue with the court or with the lawyer representing the party that has stolen your intellectual rights to your poem.

Taking someone’s poetry or other writing that has been published is stealing, The extent of the theft has to be determined by a judge or by your lawyer and the thief, Those terms stealing and thief are actually correct when dealing with people who take other people’s intellectual property and present it as their own, It is very important to note, however, that you should not try to contact the thief on your own but should use the services of a competent intellectual property lawyer, If you try to contact the thief of your poem, story or other intellectual work, that person might suggest that you have given him permission to use it.

The extent to which some thieves of intellectual property will go can only be surmised by someone who has not been in contact with thieves, When you feel that you can go ahead and seek satisfaction, your safest and only recourse is through the offices of a lawyer who accepts your case. That is the second part to getting satisfaction from intellectual property thieves, finding a lawyer to accept your case. Once you find a lawyer and begin working copyrightwith him, you should follow his advice since he should accept your case only on contingency, that means that he will get paid only when you get financial satisfaction from the thief of your intellectual property.

If you are hesitant and feel that you will not be able to follow his advice then you should not accept his services, You can live knowing that someone has violated your intellectual property much easier than trying to live while in court fighting for a case that has left you confused.